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Заголовок сообщения:  Куча ошибок в англ.версии сайта

Раздел files:
1. Author: Nival Interactive, modification: Andrei Mahovikov. Rage of Mages 2 version with sound, but without map editor and video. Non-actual patch 1.10 was integrated. - (videos).
2. Necessery for playing on hat.allods2.com. Contain all preceding renovations. Necessery to install into the game catalog. - (Contains, necessary)
3. Patch application will allow to display Russian letters in the game. With this patch you can see Russian messages in the English version of the game. Probably, you should install a Cyrillic font. - (This patch application will enable English game client to display Russian letters) как-то так.
4. Utilit for sound effect extraction. - (Utility)
5. Utilit for musical themes extraction. - см.4
6. Character files convector. - (convertor)
7. Allows to watch missions from single Rage of Mages. - (Allows to extract missions from Rage of Mages 2 single player) - буквальный перевод с русского неверен
8. Utilit, which changes monster's level. - (Utility for changing all monsters' level)
9. Map Editor v.1.76c+, modification for Rage of Mages 2. - (Map Editor v.1.76c+ - modification of standard map editor for RoM2.)
10. Allows to configurate game before playing. - (configurate - o_O, configure.)
11. III. Graphic modes - (вы написали графические режимы, правильно Graphic(graphical) mods)
12. You can download all maps for play on Allods2.com server here - (o_O, to play)

As we promised we have lunched(o_O, "a" пропустили, launched+) 4 new servers today.

One of them is server with "Hard" level maps and others 3 with "Horror" level maps. Players can recognise(recognize, хотя принципиального значения не имеет) good old maps, as well as explore new ones.

Many thanks to "Metamorf" for new maps preparation.

In case of any bugs and errors please report them via Hotline.

Innovations of Allods2.com:
4. Price of books is increased by ten times. - (а это правильно, зато неправда. Книги уже давно не в 10 раз больше стоят.)
10. You cannot by magic items in come-at-able shops. (buy)

Tutorial > About connection to the server.:
5. After confirmation about registration launch game (allods2anet.exe). - (во-первых не allods2anet.exe, во вторых After registration is confirmed, launch game (allods2com13.exe).

Tutorial > Tech FAQ:
1) Regularly install patches on your OS (Operation System, mostly refer to OS Windows) delivered free of charge by your OS designer company/ - (Operating, вместо точки слеш)

1. How to play allods online?
Register on the site, log in. After that register game accounts on server. Download client. Download the latest patch. You are already on server that provides gamers from the whole world to play allods online for free charge. - (ссылка на latest patch ведет на 10й)

2. What ports should be open to play Rage of Mages 2(Allods 2) online?
Client uses hat connection port and some server connection ports. Here are all addresses and ports that that are required to play on server:
Address - hat.allods2.com ( ) - (про айпишник неправда, или вы сменили с времени 10го патча?)
Port - 8000-8050

3. What traffic is spend during playing allods online? - (How much traffic is spend during playing RoM2 on-line? - аллоды онлайн уже есть, и это не а2, игра слов конечно хорошая, но неправильно)
Approximately 300 - 2000 kb per hour depending on map and game activity (точку забыли)

4. While registration on server specified wrong e-mail address. - (o__O, понял с третьего раза, While registering on our hat I have specified wrong e-mail)
- Iterate registration. - (плохо понял, может быть и правильно)
- Tell the administration about your problem to change your e-mail address on real one. In the graph *e-mail* put your contact address.
To connect administration fill in a form using this link.

6. How to change password?
You could simply change your login password. It will be send on your registration e-mail. To change password fill in a form using this link. - (to your registration e-mail)

9. After launching shortcut "Play Allods2.com" indicates "Abnormal Program Termination". - (кто indicates? game, кого indicates? error - After launching shortcut 'Play Allods2.COM', game indicates 'Abnormal Program Termination' error)
If after Allods2 launching appears this message: - (If after RoM2 launch this message appears:)
"MS Visual Studio Error: Abnormal Program Termination" The reason could be damaged famehall.dat file that is in your game directory. - ("MS Visual Studio Error: Abnormal Program Termination", damaged famehall.dat file that is in your game directory could be the reason.)

The resolution: Reinstall the game (a new famehall.dat file will be installed or enter "Start" menu click "Run the process" and enter "chkdsk /f" In the most cases the file recovers. - (Solution: Reinstall the game (a new famehall.dat file will be created), or enter Start menu, click 'Run...' and enter 'chkdisk /f'. In most cases this helps to recover this file.)

Also you can restart your computer by pushing reset button and accept the offer to scan your Hard Disk that will be displayed after starting. - (плохой, негодный совет)

10. After launching under OS Windows2003 error appears "Memory can not be read". - (After launching the game under Windows 2003 appears 'Memory can not be read' error)
Parameter "hardware acceleration" in Win2003 is set on minimum level, therefore when you launch the game "Application Error" like "Can't read from..." appears. - (to minimum level)
To mend the situation do the following: - (o_O, что есть mend?)
Control Panel -> Display -> Settings - (Go to Control Panel -> ...)
Here click "Advanced" then go to "Troubleshoot" bookmark here we set "hardware acceleration" cursor on maximum level. - (запятые попропускали, впрочем, как и почти везде - Here click "Advanced", then go to "Troubleshoot" bookmark. Here we set "hardware acceleration" parameter to maximum level.)

13. When connecting to hat indicates "Wrong URL". - (кто indicates? опять)
Possibly you have no connection to the internet or a hat temporary does not work. - (temporarily)

16. When your character enters the server map downloads up to 100% and starts downloading again.
It is necessary to choose in windows register "INSTALLDIR" key ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE1CAllods 2]) the correct way to Allods directory. You could do this using easyconfig program. - (бакслеш пишется \\, алсо You could do this by using easyconfig program.)

17. Error appears when choosing map in network game.
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program C:GamesAllods2anet.exe - (аналогично с предыдущим - \\, и не anet а com13)
abnormal program termination
Refer to previous answer.

19. On launch under Windows XP application closes and error appears during entering map, or while playing. To solve this problem try the followings: - (When launching under Windows XP the game closes and error appears during entering the map or while playing.\nTo solve this problem try the following:)
1. In your allods2anet.exe properties set compatibility with Windows(ME or Windows 95) - (allods2com13.exe)
If you hade Windows2000 do the following: - (have, Windows 2000)
START - Run The Process. Here specify: « regsvr32 %systemroot%apppatchslayerui.dll» - (Start -> Run... (вы что, никогда английский винды не видели?), \\)
After you have done all of this in your shortcut properties will appear In your allods2acom.exe properties set bookmark. - (уже лучше, но allods2com13. и не понял, что имелось в виду.)
2. If you have on your computer Kaspersky antivirus installed it is recommended to switch it off while playing or add allods2anet.exe in the list of the permitted applications (exceptions). - (If you have Kaspersky antivitus on your computer, it is recommended to switch it off while playing or add >>>allods2com13.exe<<< to it's list of permitted applications.)
The same situation could appear with the other online working applications.
3. Check your local disks on errors presence. - (может и правильно, но выглядит странно)
START - Run The Process -- "chkdsk" - (это такое тире, наверное. chkdisk, 'Run...')

20. How to reduce the chance of client closing or disconnection.
- Try to change the compatibility.
As the example I had Windows98 set the compatibility with Windows95 and 75% of disconnections disappeared.
- Remove music.res file and write in the game shortcut «-nomusuic» key.
Example: "C:GamesAllods 2allods2anet.exe" -1024 -nomusic - (\\)

22. You can't see Russian text while playing.
You should download main.res file for the Allods2 Russian version and change your file on this one. Download it here. - (to this one)

23. How to change screen resolution?
Here are some variants:
1. Change your register key:
The possible parameters are "-1024", "-800", "-640" - (без the)
2. Create a shortcut to the allods2anet.exe file and add a key to the command prompt parameters: - (allods2com13.exe)
The possible keys: "-1024", "-800", "-640" - (без the, алсо зачем повторять дважды?)
3. Use Allods2 settings program for example Easy2config (запятую забыли, точку в конце)

24. How to run the game in window? - (так тоже можно, хотя in windowed mode правильнее)
Create a shortcut to the allods2anet.exe file and add the one of the "-window" keys - (как всегда)
Example: "C:Allods 2allods2anet.exe" -1024 -window - (бакслеш \\)
Set in your screen parameters the middle quality of color reproduction 16 bit or the game won't run in window. - (Set color reproduction to 16-bit in your display parameters or the game will not run in windowed mode.)

25. What could you do if you have accidentally deleted your character.
If you have confirmed your character deleting it will be physically deleted. You cold not recover it. The possibility of this accident is negligibly be careful. - (cold - это простуда. could)


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