Player killers
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Автор:  condorx [ 28 июн 2010, 22:58 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Player killers

Hi.. im new in forum becouse i just dont needed an acc here but with the PKs bothering in the servers its too hard to lvl up a warrior. Today a guy killed me 3 times, yesterday another guy 2 times... that causes me to lose EVERYTHING!!!
For a warrior isnt easy to lvl without weapons and armour, so i dont know what to do now... i hope you do something at respect.
I dont know to read russian letters so i cant read the name of the PK.. but the next time y will take a picture. ( the name of one pk is ronan )

( my english isnt the best :P )


Автор:  Cee [ 28 июн 2010, 23:30 ]
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Hi friend!

PK will never not bother you and not raise your heart rate a bit.

So.... until you can argue ingame you must do as i say.

Create a mage

Gear with +resistance gear.

Put all stats at 34/34/34/34

And get him to horror with all skills.

Warrior is not a beginner class.

You must have a mage that funds the warrior.


Mage earns 1.3 million per few seconds end level on the right maps.

Warrior loses around 5 mill per 3 minutes end level, excluding items.

Believe me, its easier to level a mage, and i can buy you the nessecary spellbooks.

You need teammates and english speakers. And we have a few here, although the majority is russian.

This is how to see russian characters ingame: http://allods2.com/files/Rom2FontFix.exe

Take care and hope to see you ingame soon, Clare.

Автор:  Cee [ 29 июн 2010, 15:36 ]
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Also. A quick note. Dont leave because of PK. It can seem a lot at first but you soon learn to cope with it.

I forgot to mention warrior funds him/herself later on.

Автор:  Cee [ 30 июн 2010, 01:25 ]
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Yeah.. let me know anytime if you havent quit.

appreciate knowing, talking to myself is one of my wierdo hobbies.

Автор:  condorx [ 10 июл 2010, 06:42 ]
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HI! thanks for your answers!

i'll not leave the game... as you say y need to create a mage so, thats what im gonna do ;)

Автор:  Sheog'dut [ 01 мар 2011, 16:48 ]
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Hello, i has been PKed to lot of time, hard to begin this game ! :fingal:

Автор:  lubz [ 04 апр 2011, 22:12 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Player killers

stupid imba noobs are killing weaker players...

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