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This site is dedicated to the Rage of Mages universe and to the games Rage of Mages, Rage of Mages 2, Rage of Mages 2.25 and Rage of Mages 2.5 in particular.
Now one can find here some exclusive utilities for game Rage of Mages 2 and some articles dedicated to technical area (internal formats, bugs, patches) of that game. Also there is a page about developing Rage of Mages 2.25.

There is no sort of regular updates on this site so you are recommended to track our news rss-feed. Also you can track forum feed (in Forum area).

[rss] News

01.02.2011: forum is working again
26.01.2011: fix of invalid color crash
21.11.2010: new version of add_dll (0.96) allows to add multiple dlls
14.08.2010: article about dealing with add_dll by example of speedhack fixing
09.07.2010: separate rss-feed for RoM 2.25 news. update is coming soon!
03.01.2010: patch for extending players list in diplomacy dialog for RoM II was added
28.12.2009: patch for extending servers list for RoM II was added
04.11.2009: added some useful patches for RoM 1, also, today is Unity Day!
27.09.2009: databin2xml/itemname2xml were updated
22.08.2009: a2helper - commands history (allods2.exe only)
27.07.2009: a2helper - scrolling of inventory with hotkeys (allods2.exe only)
26.07.2009: patch for fixing cheat with start stats (rom2server only)
26.07.2009: patch for fixing crash while camping with defence (rom2server only)
26.07.2009: patch for supporting of any language of client by server (rom2server only)
19.07.2009: patch for patrolling
15.07.2009: patch for slowing down scrolling
04.07.2009: logic of determining the language of tha game was improved in easy2config
14.05.2009: png_256 converter was added (gr_tools)
27.04.2009: patch for increasing usability of charinfo
07.04.2009: update in files
06.04.2009: generator of patches in Win32 EXE format was done (experimental), new patches was uploaded
03.01.2009: new server was added to Servers
03.01.2009: res.exe utility by Nival Interactive was posted
03.01.2009: charinfo 0.20 - english interface was added
02.01.2009: easy2config 1.05 - english interface was added
16.11.2008: png_16 1.0, 16_png 1.03 (gr_tools)
05.11.2008: NOCD patches for RoM, RoM 2
24.10.2008: charedit 2.08: interface language autoselect
23.10.2008: charedit 2.07: english interface, possibility to edit character's access rights
15.09.2008: RoM II master server (rom_hat)
09.09.2008: png->16a convertor (gr_tools)
03.09.2008: RoM graphics to png convertor (gr_tools)
29.08.2008: article about how to add support of money amounts greater than 2G
22.08.2008: itemname2xml: itemname compressor/decompressor
17.08.2008: tool for applying patches from command line
16.08.2008: article about RoM II server config
16.08.2008: another RoM II server was adde (
02.08.2008: article, containing patch for play network game using internet characters
01.08.2008: two tools - regset and regdump, for viewing and changing .reg files
28.07.2008: new version of add_dll, which now can work with breaks in dll ordinals
27.07.2008: databin2xml tool: for packing and unpacking data.bin file
21.07.2008: RoM 2.25 recruiting form was fixed. by the way, people, who can dig file formats and reverse engineers are needed
07.01.2008: files ere reworked, article about new PE section adding was moved to add_sect page
05.01.2008: add_dll was added - useful modification tool, which injects dll to exe
25.11.2007: charinfo was updated: it prints money amount now
10.10.2007: charinfo: tool, which allows to show base characteristics and skills while playing the game
03.10.2007: modification of RoM II Map Editor, which allows to create maps with non-standard size, was added
02.10.2007: another two articles about .alm format
30.09.2007: 4 old articles from Igromania were added
26.09.2007: vision area algorithm was discovered (see articles)
23.09.2007: first version of RoM 2.25 server
12.09.2007: partial .alm format manual
05.09.2007: alkar server was added
26.08.2007: small article, which describes how to fix area spell autocasting to air units
26.08.2007: article about what item id means
26.08.2007: RoM II servers page was added
17.08.2007: site was reanimated after 5 days pause. a bit more information about RoM 2.25
03.08.2007: charedit 2.06. empty items bug was fixed. minor interface changes. item duplication feature
01.08.2007: rss-feed
01.08.2007: charedit was updated to 2.05a version. minor changes
01.08.2007: article about unlocking .lgn file
01.08.2007: tool for copying whole inventory from character to login
01.08.2007: article, containing description of all RoM II items
13.07.2007: article about stealing items from counter
13.07.2007: add_sect and an article, describing how to use it
13.07.2007: charedit tool was added
12.07.2007: guest book was added, just in case
12.07.2007: update in articles
12.07.2007: more convenient appearence, some files were posted to Files
06.07.2007: first version, there is nothing here yet