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Rage of Mages

Rage of Mages - is an RPG/RTS game, which was developed by Nival Entertaiment in 1998. Action of the game takes place in the universe of allods - islands, which are separated with astral from each other. Allods are being held from devouring with astral by Great Mages. If a Great Mage leave his allod, the last one disappears in the astral.


  • 6 heroes with unique magic and fighting characteristics, which can be improved
  • 4 main heroes to choose
  • managing more than 15 groups of mercenaries
  • big number of various types of weapon and armor; re-equipment of heroes during the battle
  • 4 magic schools; variety of spells
  • inns, shops, martial arts schools in towns
  • more than 50 kinds of monsters
  • improved AI - enemy characters can run away, choose most advantageous aim and fight in group
  • daylight and shadows change in real time
  • 3d-landscape: speed of unit depends on features of the area
  • 15 excellent animation movies
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • up to 16 players can play simultaneously through local network or the Internet