Rage of Mages 2.25 http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.php?rss News of the project News for 22.08.2008http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phpitemname2xml was added - tool for working with resources News for 01.08.2008http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phpregset and regdump were added - tools for viewing and changing .reg files News for 27.07.2008http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phpdatabin2xml: packing and unpacking of data.bin News for 03.10.2007http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phpRoM II Map Editor modification, which allows to create map with arbitrary size News for 02.10.2007http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phparticles about map format weree added News for 26.09.2007http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phpalgorithm of forming vision area was discovered (see articles) News for 23.09.2007http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phpfirst version of RoM 2.25 server News for 12.09.2007http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phpMap format description (partial) News for 26.08.2007http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phparticle about dependency of items identifiers on its characteristics News for 01.08.2007http://allods.homeunix.org/allods225.phparticle containing characteristics of all RoM II items