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Rage of Mages 2.25

Rage of Mages 2.25 (IX/IV) - is a network game of RPG/RTS genre, at most based on RoM II. The action takes place in the same well-known RoM universe. It is planned to code game client, server, hat (master-server) and map editor.
Aims of the project are to get possibility of easy changing code of the game, fix many old bugs and vulnerabilities, add new features, improve gameplay.
The game will able to run under OS: Windows, FreeBSD, Linux.

[rss] News of RoM 2.25

22.08.2008: itemname2xml was added - tool for working with resources
01.08.2008: regset and regdump were added - tools for viewing and changing .reg files
27.07.2008: databin2xml: packing and unpacking of data.bin
03.10.2007: RoM II Map Editor modification, which allows to create map with arbitrary size
02.10.2007: articles about map format weree added
26.09.2007: algorithm of forming vision area was discovered (see articles)
23.09.2007: first version of RoM 2.25 server
12.09.2007: Map format description (partial)
26.08.2007: article about dependency of items identifiers on its characteristics
01.08.2007: article containing characteristics of all RoM II items

Project status

Formats of files are being digged and server is being coded in compatibility mode with RoM II client. First working version of hat was coded. Formats .a2c, .lgn, .sck, itemname were completely investigated. data.bin, .alm formats were almosst completely examined. Structure of .reg files is known.
We took out quite many formulas from RoM II (but far not all), algorithms of vision area forming, path finding were analysed.
databin2xml, itemname2xml, regtools, charedit utilities were written for facilitate working with source formats.
Project is non-commercial, participants are working at it in their free timee, so it is being developed not too fast. You can speed up this process, if you help us.


  • more convenient interface
  • new units
  • new items
  • new spells


  • cra
  • exc!ton
  • YOU
* This list is still incomplete. If you think we forgot you, please get in touch.