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Updated: 2012-01-14 10:36:02
Game type Server Time Map name Size Difficulty Players
Cooperative[0:38] S10:39PvM: The Rocks v2.5128x128Easy1
Cooperative[0:00] S20:01Forgotten Realm v1.4128x128Easy0
Cooperative[0:38] S30:39Raptors Valley v1.0128x128Easy0
Cooperative[0:04] S40:05Judas v2.3128x128Medium0
Cooperative[0:31] S50:32Waterfall v1.3128x128Medium0
Cooperative[0:10] S60:11Epic: Vital Quest v3.7128x128Medium0
Cooperative[0:37] S70:38Cursed Waterfall 1.5192x192Hard0
Cooperative[1:04] S81:05Oasis v3.1240x240Hard0
Cooperative[0:35] S90:36House for Elf v4.664x64Hard0
Cooperative[0:01] S100:02Forbidden Lands v5.4240x240Horror0
Cooperative[0:35] S110:36Jungle Trolls v1.2192x192Horror0
Cooperative[0:04] S120:05Heart of Mountains v1.264x64Horror0
Cooperative[0:00] S130:01The tenth kingdom v1.1240x240Horror0
Cooperative[0:03] S14 Arena0:04Arena c78 v1.096x96Horror0
Cooperative[0:36] S15 Arena0:37Ave Acom! v1.264x64Horror0
Total players: 1