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RoM 2

  rom_hat 0.92.47 BETA
RoM II master server (hat)
charedit 2.09
Program for editing .a2c and .lgn files
a2helper 0.2.1
RoM II helper utility
easy2config 1.06
Tool for editing RoM II registry properties
copy_pack 0.11
Changes pack and clothes of character on login by specified ones
charinfo 0.20
Shows base skills and characteristics + each skill progress
RoM II official update, version 1.07
Modification of ROM2 Map Editor, which allows to create maps with non-standard widths and heights
RoM II Windows desktop themes

RoM 1

RoM I official update, version 1.03
RoM IWindows desktop themes
RoM I maps collection

For developers


RoM 2

  itemname2xml 1.02
This tool transforms itemname.bin, itemname.pkt, itemserv.txt, itemname.txt to xml and back
databin2xml 1.02
This utility can transform data.bin into data.xml and back
Tool for modifying .res files.
Tools for working with RoM graphics
regtools 1.0
Two programs for working with .reg files


  add_sect 0.9
Tool, which allows to add new sections to PE .exe files
add_dll 0.96
This tool allows to inject your dll to PE exe files, changing code at specified RVA's in exe to calling or jumping to dll subroutines
Hack It !
Patch applying command-line tool